WW Gallery @ The 54th Venice Biennale, 2011

WW Gallery participated in the 53rd Venice Biennale and this year, for the 54th Biennale, has invited artists to submit works on paper for a two week exhibition in the heart of Venice.

The Quaffers Pavilion, in Campo San Polo, will host the exhibition and act as an outpost of The British Pavilion, originally designed in 1887 as a tearoom. ‘Afternoon Tea’ is an antidote to the vastness of the Biennale proper, a chance to put your feet up. While restaurants and cafes are closed until the evening shift, WW Gallery invites visitors to unwind and partake in the great British tradition of afternoon tea. From 3 – 6pm daily, free tea and cake will be served along with a selection of contemporary works on paper.

The phrase ‘works on paper’, like ‘afternoon tea’, evokes a curious, slightly old school nostalgia. But even in this new media age, working on paper is relevant and still underpins the practice of most contemporary artists. The immediacy of marks on paper lends itself to the honest and direct outpouring of dreams, memories, fantasies and humour, offering an intimate exchange between artist and viewer. The works in this exhibition are free from a common theme and instead simply reflect the current spectrum of small-scale works on paper, where image and text are expressed in their most vivid and vital form.