Cabedal @ Plataforma Revolver, Lisbon, Portugal, 2012



Pavel Buchler, Nina Chua, Tiago Duarte, Nicola Ellis, Mary Griffiths, Shona Harrison, Ana Rosa Hopkins, Eileen o'Rourke, Richard Proffitt, Fiona Mckillop, Jo McGonigal, Ian Rawlinson and Nick Crowe, Maeve Rendle, Evangelia Spiliopoulou 


"We wonder at how meaning can be extracted from the brutal social and economic transformations of the last three centuries in relation to the art being produced today? At how we draw a line from what has had a direct influence on production (whatever its nature) and what has not?

The overheated pressure to produce, to be productive, is matched only by the overwhelming call to consume and both are coercively established as the defining feature of modern existence.

Although technological obsolescence is the conspicuous driving force of our current economy, artists continue to forge meaning from the availability of materials to work with. It seems that more than anything – meaning, for the artists, is extracted from the labouring activities of art itself. The doing as much as the making.

In Cabedal we encounter touch and manipulation, the savoir faire shoulder to shoulder with the motivation of intellectual nature and cerebral intention. These two notions are explored without confrontation. The expectancy for deliverance does not arrive solemnly from our attempt to comprehend but from our perceptive system as well. Without the “presumptuousness” of wanting something more from the art object than what it perceptively offers this exhibition is an invitation, an open door, an assumed “come and see”."

Exhibition view, Photograph Ian Rawlinson

Exhibition View

Photo, Ian Rawlinson