White On Black On White, Monotype On Saunders Waterford Paper, 50x67cm, Photograph Stephen Iles



Seven Ghosts, Monotype On Saunders Waterford Paper, 50x67cm (x7),  Sculpture courtesy of Nicola Ellis, Photograph Stephen Iles



Twelve Black Squares, Monotype On Fabriano Rosaspina , 10x10cm (x12) -Sculpture courtesy of Ian Rawlinson & Nick Crowe, Photograph Ian Rawlinson



Notes For a Landscape, Monotype On Blotting Paper, 70x100cm (x7), Photograph Stephen Iles



   Four Modular Fallacies , Monotype On BFK Reeves Paper, 50x67cm (x4),  Photograph Stephen Iles       

 Four Modular Fallacies, Monotype On BFK Reeves Paper, 50x67cm (x4), Photograph Stephen Iles



Two Thirds, Monotype On Fabriano Rosaspina, 70x100cm (x2), Photograph Stephen Iles



Secondary Object, Oil Residues On Newsprint Paper, 65x40cm, Photograph Stephen Iles